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That's how 5 years ago
That's how all office spaces should fuckin be. If you work with women...we men should be allowed at a moment's notice to grab whatever fuckin bitch we desire and fuck the shit out of her right there in the office. Fuck this politically correct/sexual harassment bullshit. Chances are...we've been thinking about fuckin the bitch anyways...fuck her right in the office and right in the pussy or whatever orifice we desire.
PoRnCreep 7 years ago
This Is just perfect! You can see Here clearly how awesome a porn can be with an idea Or a Story behind it..
she is great! 8 years ago
The idea of a whore in your Business is soo genius. I need to check that with my lawyer, but I see so many benefits in this. Just think of how productive you were at work if you had a cute girl that you can fuck everytime you want.
lol 5 years ago
The bitch should have been made to swallow every fuckin drop of cum that those guys spewed out. That's how a real whore is to be treated. Don't let her spit shit out....make her swallow that shit.
mpm 6 years ago
What's her name?
The Title 6 years ago
of the movie is "Die Erniedrigung der Frau Landauer"
dasdas 7 years ago
her son must be proud of her
Rabit 5 years ago
Her name pliz
Dave 7 years ago
Her boss is a real pain in the ass.
right 8 years ago
would love that job